Aged Care Symposium: Dementia & Palliative Care

Inviting health professionals and aged care staff to join us at our upcoming RACEPC Communicate Symposium, where we'll delve into the impact of dementia on communities across Western Australia.

Wednesday 6th March 5:00pm.

Palliative and Supportive Care Education (PaSCE)

As the preferred provider of palliative and supportive care education for health professionals, allied health, and volunteers across Western Australia, PaSCE collaborates with experienced palliative care clinicians to develop evidence-based education that enhances knowledge and confidence in delivering optimal palliative care across all healthcare settings.

Our education streams.

Cancer Council WA (CCWA) remains committed to backing palliative care education for healthcare professionals, with this commitment continuing through PaSCE. PaSCE's foundation draws from the rich heritage and legacy of Milroy Lodge, known historically as the Cottage Hospice.

Supported by various contracts under CCWA's Palliative and Supportive Care Education Team, PaSCE provides an array of programs and scholarships.

Our education streams encompass:
Bar Communications PD RACEPC PEPA Scholarships Communications Profesional Development RACEPC PEPA Scholarships

Education Enrolment

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