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WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network (WACPCN) Opioid Conversion Education Videos

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This resource has been developed and presented by Penelope Tuffin, Advanced Practice Pharmacist. Penny provides advice, education and mentoring for health care professionals and undergraduate students throughout Western Australia. This short video series educates health professionals of opioid conversions and how to use the opioid conversion lanyard.

Cancer Council WA and WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network (WACPCN) have developed these education videos to support the Opioid Conversion Guide lanyard that can be ordered from the End-of-Life Care Program (Department of Health). These 15-minute education videos must be viewed prior to ordering the lanyards.

To access this course health professionals must sign into the LMS.

Disclaimer: Content is correct at time of filming. All rights reserved by Penelope Tuffin and Cancer Council Western Australia.

Why this course?

Learning Objectives:

  • Guide the health professional to convert opioid dosages.
  • Access Department of Health Opioid Conversion Guide Lanyard


  • Opioid conversions

Intended Audience:

Health professionals 


Penelope Tuffin, Advanced Practice Pharmacist, Palliative Care and Pain Management


15-30 minutes