RACEPC Communicate

Residential Aged Care:
Excellence in Palliative Care Program

National Partnerships Agreement

About the program

Recognising the importance of effective communication RACEPC Communicate provides quality palliative and end of life care education that aligns with the Aged Care Quality Standards and WA End-of-Life and Palliative Care Strategy. By improving knowledge of communication and palliative care skills; staff capability and confidence increases, resulting in improved satisfaction of staff, residents and their families.

RACEPC Communicate values the roles of all staff working in Residential Aged care and provides a broad range of free, relevant opportunities for quality improvement including ongoing online education and biannual face to face symposiums. Engagement in this 4-month program will ensure that the participating Facility improves and supports their workforce development.

RACEPC Communicate Offers:

Facility Challenge.

  • E-Learning for all (targeting specific roles)
  • Virtual communication workshop
  • Virtual senior communication workshop
  • Take 5 skills program
  • Facility challenge manager support
  • Onboarding education for new staff

General Practitioner and

Nurse Practitioner Series.

  • Virtual e-learning forums
  • Virtual sim-lab communication workshop

Residential Aged Care Facility Symposiums.

  • Residential and service provider networking
  • RACEPC Communicate celebration
  • Guest speakers
  • Biannual two-hour event

Learning Management System Resource Hub.

  • “Ask the expert” discussion board
  • Access to RACEPC Communicate program
  • Further education opportunities
  • Biannual two-hour event

Further information

To find out more about the free RACEPC Communicate program please contact us.